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BUNDLE: Patternmaking Guide: Women's Fitted Jackets + Collar Galore


This Bundle includes both the Women's Fitted Jackets guide and Collar Galore -your resource for drafting collar patterns, making it a perfect combination for drafting jacket patterns with different kinds of collars!

Women's Fitted Jackets guide will show you how to draft different fitted jacket patterns for women, using the fitted jacket block as a base. The fitted jacket block has a side panel and a two-piece sleeve.

There’s a basic jacket design, a power shoulder jacket, cropped design with particular sleeves, and an asymmetrical jacket with flounce detail. You can mix the elements of the different designs to create more jacket styles.

After having drafted these patterns, you’ll know how to

  • make both single and double-breasted jackets, and place buttons
  • absorb and rotate darts & move jacket seams to create different designs
  • modify the jacket collar and lapel
  • add space for higher shoulder pads
  • add different types of pockets to jackets
  • add slits to the jacket and the two-piece sleeves
  • create the lining pattern for each style

The ideal material for these jackets is medium or lightweight wool; this depends on the season that the jacket will be worn.

With this guide you'll get links to a few video clips that will make it easier to understand the most difficult parts of the drafting process.

This Patternmaking Guide is classified as "Advanced" in difficulty. It's suitable for people who are already familiar with patternmaking and have drafted, for example, the basic bodice pattern before. It's a challenge to draft and sew jackets.

It will be accompanied by the Fitted Jacket Block -guide.

Collar Galore is a reference guide for drafting different types of collars. There are a total of sixty-one collars included. You’ll find collars for shirts, dresses, blouses, jackets, coats, as well as detachable designs.

Scroll above to see the list and pictures.

The collars have been divided into six chapters based on their features or how they are drafted. There's also a chapter where I've included some quick sewing instructions and a troubleshooting section.

Each collar chapter will first illustrate how to draft the basic pattern and then modify it to create a large variety of designs. The idea is to make you understand how collar patterns work. There are enough examples to get you started and hopefully this will encourage you to venture into creating your own versions, too! After all, collars are an excellent design detail that will instantly change the look of a garment. 

To draft the collar patterns, you’ll need either a basic bodice or jacket block, or a commercial pattern you want to add a collar to. You could also modify existing collar patterns.

I've included a few links to videos that show you how to draft the various basic collar patterns: stand-up collar, shirt collar, shawl collar, and the notched collar.

For a preview of what's inside, you'll find a video on the Collar Galore product page.

General Info About the Patternmaking Guides

Who is this product is for?

For anyone who has already sewn a few garments using commercial patterns and is now interested in learning how to draft their own unique patterns. 

Who isn’t this product for?

Although the pattern making instructions provided are very detailed, complete-beginner sewers may find drafting these patterns quite challenging. Even a small understanding of garment construction will be extremely helpful. Also, these e-guides do not include instructions on how to sew the garments, so this might become a problem.

What is included in the e-guide order?

Each guide comes with the corresponding basic pattern instructions. So, in this case, the fitted jacket block guide. This way you’ll be able to draft the basic block that is needed for making the dress patterns, should you not have one yet. The basic pattern guides also include additional patternmaking instructions related to the subject.

Notice, that none of the patternmaking guides include the actual patterns. Instead, there are step-by-step instructions on how you can draft the pattern yourself using your measurements. The instructions consist of pictures and text and are limited to patternmaking only, so there are no sewing instructions. However, there is a Facebook group where I provide support if you need help with this.

You will get two versions of each PDF, metric and imperial; I know how difficult it can be to draft patterns and trying to convert measurements at the same time!


The patternmaking guides are for your personal use only, please do not publish or share the files or parts of them anywhere. Also, the garment designs provided are for personal use only, however, if you create your own pattern designs with the help of the instructions, this rule no longer applies to the resulting garments.

Return Policy

Due to the nature of digital goods, and the fact that you receive immediate access to the files, I cannot offer refunds or exchanges on the e-guides. So, please review the product information carefully before purchasing.

However, if there is a fault with the files or you get the incorrect items, do request a replacement.

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You'll get the Women's Fitted Jackets Guide and the Fitted Jacket Block Guide PDF. Collar Galore PDF comes for both print and screen. Everything is in two versions, metric and imperial. There's also a PDF with planning sheets for each jacket, a measurement chart PDF for jackets, and a PDF with links to extra resources.

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BUNDLE: Patternmaking Guide: Women's Fitted Jackets + Collar Galore

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