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BUNDLE: Patternmaking Guide: Classic Shirts & Patternmaking Guide: Fitted Shirts


Are you interested in learning how to draft women's shirt patterns? This bundle has you covered! It includes both classic shirts based on the dartless bodice block and fitted shirts based on the basic bodice block with darts.

Patternmaking Guide: Classic Shirts is about women's classic shirts that are rather loose-fitting. This PDF includes instructions to all of the classic components: collar, yoke, button placket, pocket, cuff, and sleeve placket.

You’ll first learn how to draft a basic shirt and then we will delve into alternative variations based on the classic shirt: there’s a maxi collar shirt with bell-shaped sleeve cuffs, a shirt dress with bishop sleeves, and a tiered ruffle shirt with a mandarin collar and short sleeves. 

These four designs provide you with different ways to draft various details of a shirt so that you can then mix and match them as you prefer. This will allow you to make many more than just four shirt designs.

Patternmaking Guide: Fitted Shirts teaches you how to draft a basic fitted shirt, including all the components that go with it: the basic collar, yoke, button placket (both basic and hidden), sleeve placket, and cuff. 

Then you'll learn how to create different versions of the shirt by dart manipulation, by changing the type of sleeve or collar, and by adding interesting details to the shirt.

Feel free to mix and match the different details and invent your own!

The ideal fabric for these shirts is cotton (poplin, lawn, chambray, twill, oxford). However, you could also go for materials such as linen or silk. For a more comfortable fit, choose woven materials with added elastane.

Due to the complexity of the classic shirt details, such as the collar and sleeve placket, both Patternmaking Guides are classified as "Intermediate" in difficulty. 

You'll get both the Dartless Bodice and the Basic Bodice Block -guides.

Who is this product is for?

For anyone who has already sewn a few garments using commercial patterns and is now interested in learning how to draft their own unique patterns.

Who isn’t this product for?

Although the pattern making instructions provided are very detailed, complete-beginner sewers may find drafting these patterns quite challenging. Even a small understanding of garment construction will be extremely helpful. Also, these e-guides do not include instructions on how to sew the garments, so this might become a problem.

What is included in the e-guide order?

Each guide comes with the corresponding basic pattern instructions. So, in this case, the  basic bodice guide. This way you’ll be able to draft the basic block that is needed for making the shirt patterns, should you not have one yet. The basic pattern guides also include additional patternmaking instructions related to the subject.

Notice, that none of the patternmaking guides include the actual patterns. Instead, there are step-by-step instructions on how you can draft the pattern yourself using your measurements. The instructions consist of pictures and text and are limited to patternmaking only, so there are no sewing instructions. However, there is a Facebook group where I provide support if you need help with this.

You'll also get a PDF with links to extra resources (videos and tutorials) that will be helpful for both drafting the bodice block and sewing the shirts.

You will get two versions of each PDF, metric and imperial; I know how difficult it can be to draft patterns and trying to convert measurements at the same time!


The patternmaking guides are for your personal use only, please do not publish or share the files or parts of them anywhere. Also, the garment designs provided are for personal use only, however, if you create your own pattern designs with the help of the instructions, this rule no longer applies to the resulting garments.

Return Policy

Due to the nature of digital goods, and the fact that you receive immediate access to the files, I cannot offer refunds or exchanges on the e-guides. So, please review the product information carefully before purchasing.

However, if there is a fault with the files or you get the incorrect items, do request a replacement.

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You'll get the Classic Shirts & Fitted Shirts Guides, and the Dartless Bodice & Basic Bodice Block Guide PDF, all in two versions, metric and imperial. There's also a PDF with planning sheets for each shirt and a PDF with links to extra resources.

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BUNDLE: Patternmaking Guide: Classic Shirts & Patternmaking Guide: Fitted Shirts

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